Birthday Candle Board, Birthday Candle Holder – A Clean and Germ-Free Way to Celebrate


Blow on your Candles – NOT your Cake

With so many scary things in this world today, your birthday cake shouldn’t be one of them. Keep your cake and celebrate your birthday party with The Birthday Candle Board – a Convenient, fun, and SAFE birthday candle holder!

The Birthday Cake Candle Holder can sit next to a Traditional Birthday Cake, or be used with your Favorite Birthday Dessert. NO CAKE REQUIRED, Enjoy Your Birthday Pie, Birthday Donuts, or even Grandma’s Rice Pudding. Blow On your Birthday Candles, NOT your Birthday Dessert and Protect Yourself from Germs for a FUN BIRTHDAY PARTY CELEBRATION!

It’s time to think about Birthday Celebrations in a whole new way! The Birthday Candle Board, birthday candle holder is a fun, unique, and easy to use birthday candle holder that can be used over and over again.